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Sunday, April 1, 2012

What does a residual income mean to you: hot program with residual income potential

By James Galloway

A Residual Income is by far the best way to be paid. A residual income is where you leverage your income potential by working in numbers. In some cases you can also be paid residual commissions for life even after you have stopped doing what it is that you were doing to get it in the first place.

A residual income is similar to that of a royalty income, like the ones song writers get for distribution of their songs and music. A song writer can write a piece of music just the once but has the potential to earn for life from it in the way of a royalty payment. A residual monthly income works in much the same way and in particular the fact that the work for the income has already been done.

Now every company is different, and the pay plans all vary. However, the principle is the same. You can earn a monthly residual income based on team efforts, and once it has built a solid structure going down a couple of levels you have the potential to earn that residual income every month for life.

That was a pretty straight forward example. The networks don't always work that way. You may get, let us say, 100 people, but only half of them actually get customers. Then, let us say, some of them get only two customers, while others fly with it and get a couple of hundred customers.

I hope you get the idea about residual income now you just need to find the right residual income platform which suits you. Obviously the most profitable are in hot niches. You find a residual income commission on a high quality conference software product in a huge niche will be most profitable for you now and years to come. Some platforms also include multiple ways to earn and different bonus levels so you can really put your income up a gear.

A true residual income can settle you for life giving you forever financial stability and the lifetime freedom to for fill your dreams without limitations or financial restrictions.

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