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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Looking at the Paleo Desserts

By Sariah M. Mckissick

Who in this modern world of preservatives and additives hasn't wished that paleo desserts would make a comeback? The truth is that these simple desserts made with wholesome ingredients and using simple implements never actually went anyplace. This article will hope to tell you a few secrets about these types of desserts.

The most complicated and hard to make desserts are just paleo desserts dressed up in new clothing because in essence all any dessert is, is something sweet to top off a fine meal. Baked apples with honey or crepe suzettes all amount to the same thing when it comes right down to it.

Baked apples have one of the simplest recipes in the history of cooking: core an apple, put it in a genuinely hot place, add honey when it is done and then serve. Okay, maybe knowing to preheat the oven to 400 degrees and to cover the apple (and its friends if you are feeding more than just yourself) and cook for about twenty minutes or right up until the apple is pretty soft, would help. The honey can be pure honey or you can fancy it up by putting in a Small amount of cream and blending well before drizzling it over the baked apples. If you cook the apples on the grill wrap them in aluminum foil to keep them from blackening, or not if you like the style of caramelized apples.

Another paleo dessert that has been dressed in modern clothing is the time honored cracker jack. All cracker jack truly is after you take away the packaging and preservatives is popcorn and caramel with peanuts. To make your own without any additives all you need to do is pop the corn then set it to one side while you caramelize some sugar. after the caramel has developed into a liquid and while it is still quite hot drizzle it over the popped corn. remember to keep agitating the corn to spread the sugary perfection over all the kernels, and then add however many peanuts you like. Pecans or walnuts go great in this paleo dessert as well.

Folks will think you are a cooking genius when you whip up these excellent new desserts that were ancient when Noah sailed the seas.

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