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Friday, May 4, 2012

8 Tips for Merchant Credit Card Processing Account Safety

By Thomas Griffin

For your business's success a Los Angeles merchant credit card processing account is critically important. You'll be capable of taking cash, check, debit and credit for pay methods There are advantages and disadvantages to accepting credit cards. Consider these items to avoid fraud and excessive charge backs.

When transacting internationally, exercise caution. Problems have been reported across eastern Europe and in some Asian nations. Those areas are filled with people who are often suspected of fraudulent purchases. Be wary of huge orders for all of your high-priced items.

Make sure to get the exact CVV number. The security code is located on the signature line on the back of the card, immediately following the 16 digit card number. Card companies estimate that somewhere around 25% of charge backs can be avoided by demanding that number. Transactions will be denied by some credit card companies without it.

If someone wants overnight shipping for an expensive product, that may be a warning sign. This is especially appropriate if the items can be easily converted to cash on the street. That can be said about extremely big orders, too.

Don't hesitate or be afraid to exercise extreme due diligence with suspicious orders. If you receive an order that seems a little weird to you, you should get the customers info including his name address and phone number. Satisfy yourself that the transaction is authentic.

Should you be suspicious about an order, request identification and copies of the data and the credit card. Demand fax copies of the purchaser's licenses and credit cards. This will protect you from any purchases that are fraudulent in nature. A legitimate customer may object and say it's too much hassle, but consider the fact that in that case you may only lose the sale. You will lose the product and the shipping price if there is a fraudulent buyer.

Dial 411 from your phone to verify these addresses and phone numbers. Make sure that whoever delivers it will get a signed slip when they bring your item to those who've bought it. Keep copies of all signatures for your records. The person buying from you may say it's okay to leave the package that's delivered on their porch. Just know that you'll have to find a replacement if it's not there when he returns home.

Be up front, firm and consistent with your safety and security measures. Your employees need to be able to understand and use the same measurements. Following the suggestions we listed above will significantly reduce, if not eliminate completely, your risk of fraudulent purchases. Most criminals avoid sites that take safety and security seriously. Predators will leave and search for an easier online target.

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