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Friday, May 4, 2012

The right SEO strategy

By Max Ammo

The immense number of websites populating the web today urges the need for an effective search engine optimization (SEO) technique. To get on top of a search list, a site must compete with billions of other sites. To start with it is important to carry out Directory Submissions, Additionally, search engines continuously evolve with the aim of providing users an accurate and significant list of websites during searches. These make it difficult to find the right SEO strategy to best other sites and cope with the search engine updates.

An effective SEO strategy understands how search engines work. It should consider how search engines sort websites to give a user a list of sites that match the keyword. Unfortunately, the specific algorithms that run behind search engines are usually hidden from the public. Otherwise, it would have been easy to generate precise techniques to maximize a site's visibility.

Even though the actual specifics of the mechanics behind search engines remains private, we can still carry out certain measures that are apparant. Keyword density is one parameter that is believed to play a role in search engine placement. If a site's content is full of keywords it doesn't mean that the search engine rankings for this site are guaranteed to be good, as it is the website creator that is reponsible for the content, search engines can see this as spam if it is to dense. If the site is classed as spamming and a blatent attempt to manipulate a ranking then it will have the reverse effect and result in a low ranking site.

Backlinks are also thought to be an important parameter for consideration when looking at an effective SEO campaign. The more backlinks a site has the better the search engine ranking is said to be, as backlinks show reference and popularity for a website.

Like keyword searches, search engine also evaluate backlinks by count and relevance. If both the site that links and the site that is linked are relevant to the keyword, it gets a higher search rating. In terms of points, one backlink is not exactly one point. The time of generation of backlinks is often considered as well. Linking to thousands of sites in a short duration is not a profitable approach. Though the numbers are good, most engines will deem these links as web search engine spam.

Another good way to execute a good backlinking strategy is to use web directories and social bookmarking when looking into backlinking for a site. Both have the advantage of attaching a description to the backlink therefore creating a further relevant refernce for the site and social bookmarks are also good as people share these with other users as well as simply storing them for future use.

Web directory submission itself is good for backlinking as they are an online hub full of categorised website information and reference to these sites which helps with search engine ranking.

SEO backlinks especially Social Bookmarking, are good tools if done effectively. Choosing to buy backlinks can be helpful. A site owner who decides to try backlinks should be mindful of how search engines interpret it. It should be done in a consistent and significant manner.

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