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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Things to Do at Wisconsin State Fair

Wisconsin State Fair is a location where people create memories that go beyond a long time. The Wisconsin State Fair comes about for 11 days each season. Wisconsin does offer a great range of pursuits for enthusiasts of the great outdoors. From fishing to biking, horse riding to playing golf, almost every activity is catered for. Continue reading to find more about things to do at Wisconsin State Fair in 2012.

A wide range of fresh, real Greek food is available, including gyros, saganaki, souvlaki, baklava, Greek chicken and loukoumades. If you want things deep fried, then you can call this venue a heaven. From deep-fried candy bars to deep fried beer, there is just a lot to try.

More than 200 food suppliers are spread throughout the area, featuring everything to amuse your palate from Asian, Americana and Greek to Italian, Polish and Mexican. The chocolate-filled bread is simply exceptional. Time your romantic holiday to correspond with one of the best festivals and you could enjoy the Wisconsin State Fair cream puffs (offered in both three and six packs), “strawberry”, or fine French dishes.

Wisconsin State Fair has a huge selection of imported and domestic beers, but in addition to brews, the festival offers multiple malt drinks, including Bacardi Lemonade, Mike's Hard Lemonade and Calypso and Smirnoff Ice.

All through the festival, visitors are amused by classic Greek music and grooving parties.

The shopping does not end at the expo center. Marketers from all over the state set up shops inside the Wisconsin Goods Pavilion. Expected names such as Usinger’s and Palermo’s are there, but you will also find a lot of smaller corporations that promote everything from honey to duck fajitas.

Every visit to the Wisconsin State Fair should finish with a trip on the huge slide. Activities and rides for kids of various age groups are offered, as well as Greek Market stuffed with imported products and artifacts!

Last but not least, Wisconsin State Fair is a home to one of the major Amish communities in the United States. If you've always wondered at their lifestyle you can take pleasure in a driving or riding trip through Amish region, stopping to see handmade furniture and buy handcrafted candy during the trip.

Wisconsin State Fair will certainly “Tilt Your World” with fascinating competitions, thrilling rides, exclusive games, fabulous meals, free amusement and fun for people of all age groups. Bring your loved ones and meet your buddies at the Fair because everybody will be there.

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