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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Things to Do at Milwaukee’s Summerfest

Good, Amazing, Beautiful Place: This is the hidden truth behind the name Milwaukee. This is extremely true of Milwaukee, a beautiful place in the region of Wisconsin.

People looking for fun-filled activities in Milwaukee during the summer time 2012 will love the number of events happening nearly every weekend. The most well known festival organized there every year is Summerfest, a musical event (held for 11 days) that attracts more than 700 bands.

Presenting some of the leading names in music, in conjunction with a lot of the local performers, this festival attracts one million people each year and offers a wide variety of food and beverage suppliers, marketplaces and enjoyable exhibits set around the Lake Michigan and downtown backdrops, making a holiday experience like hardly any other.

There are various events happening concurrently among the 12 stages, which include family-friendly recreation throughout the day. (For your information: Summerfest Milwaukee is not a good place to bring small children at night.) Read on to find more about things to do at Milwaukee’s Summerfest in 2012.

  • Support local music daily at the Cascio Music Groove Yard. Also, see your much-loved radio DJ broadcaster live and tip the community artists. Enjoy the new performers series daily and then elect your much-loved band.
  • Try the local drinks from Water Street Brewery and Lakefront Brewery.
  • See sports demos from the Milwaukee Admirals, Milwaukee Bucks, Milwaukee Wave and various athletes at the Sentry Sports Zone.
  • As a modern, recreational sit-down restaurant that includes waitress service, Saz’s Dockside BBQ will offer favorites including chopped brisket, baby back ribs, pulled pork, sour cream and chive chips, battered fried fish and a lot more along with top quality wine and beer choices. For a sugar high or head freeze enjoy a large Hawaiian Shave Ice.
  • Summerfest Milwaukee provides many different private party locations for to organize a corporate outing, gathering, birthday celebration or annual celebration.

Going to Summerfest Milwaukee is normally half the battle. Do not expect to go right up to the entrance to grab the "rock star" parking (without paying 20 dollars). If you insist on the parking, don't be surprised to pay a lot for parking, or walk one mile or two for free parking. A much better choice is to use the shuttle service, or use one of the shuttles pedaling around the South Side, East Side and Wisconsin Avenue.

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