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Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Post Review: Why Use Audio File in Answering Emails

By Jose Carlos Lindayag

Are you an active person who gets lots of email messages every day? If yes, I will share a particular post that can help you with this dilemma.

To efficiently answer all these email messages, the article proposes the use of sound file. Every occupied individual is likely to get numerous emails every single day. By making use of an audio file, you no longer need to type your email message on the keyboard with your hands and fingers. Therefore, it will save you more time and allows you to focus on other important things as well. In addition, it gets rid of the worries that you encounter in ensuring the right grammar and spelling of the content. General, it makes you more productive in times of work.

For the advantage of the readers, the author of the post wants to share how this approach functions. Fundamentally, the procedure and software are very easy to find out and fully grasp. One software used for voice recording is Quick Time player. To control this, all you need to do is to start the software and click record and then press stop if you are finished. After which is you open up your email and just simply move the audio track symbol to a new mail composition.

In addition, the writer also relies on a tool which is called text expander. This is a tool that will enable you to type more in less energy. This means that, you can type numerous paragraphs in just a couple of keyboard shortcuts.

The benefit of audio file is that the individual will recognize and feel more the information of the message that you are wanting to convey to him or her. Generally speaking, these tools are something that you can really apply in your every day work. Nowadays, work efficiency has to be set in a competitive level in order to focus more on things concerning the improvement of a particular business.

About the Author:

The post is based from a post of Shane Walker in his website, Rapid SEO Expert, talking about the value of work efficiency in whatever kind of business.

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