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Monday, August 13, 2012

Fire Ant Bites

By Gerald Hipps

Anyone who has experienced fire ant bites can probably safely say that they are no walk in the park. Though they are not usually life threatening, they sometimes can be, which is something of which not everyone is aware. Learning the basics about these common pests can help the inflictions to be prevented, to keep them away from the home, and to be treated properly if they do happen to occur.

A bitten person will surely be aware that he or she has been bitten. He or she will experience a burning sensation at the inflicted location, which is why they are called "fire ants." The bite will probably become itchy, red, and inflamed, and might even result in blistering. These are the common effects, though some people are excessively allergic, and if the symptoms seem to be overly severe, death could occur, so being educated is important.

There are only a few things that can be done to prevent being bitten. Make sure children are aware that these ants are dangerous and that if they spot them, to stay away from them and their mounds, or colonies. For anyone who owns a property that is home to fire ants, sprinkle a cypermethrin solution on the ground and then spray it with water to ensure that it sticks to the ground and that the ants will consume it.

If a bite does occur, there are a few steps that should be taken. First and foremost, the bitten person should ensure that the ant and any others are removed from the body, as they will continue to bite. Then, take an allergy medicine to try to counteract the symptoms. Immediately after, crush aspirin or use meat tenderizer and mix it with water to form a paste and cover the location of the bite to reduce pain.

Anti-itch cream and antibiotic solutions should also be kept in a first-aid kit for situations like these. The bites are most definitely going to itch, which is where the aforementioned cream will come into handy. The bites should not be scratched, but if they do turn into open sores somehow, the antibiotic solution will prevent infection and also deter scarring. If any more severe symptoms manifest themselves, call a doctor immediately, as the results could be fatal.

Fire ant bites are certainly not a lot of fun. For most people, though, they are simply uncomfortable and can be treated with over-the-counter remedies. It is important that everyone is aware that the issues can be more serious in people that are more sensitive, so be aware of more intense symptoms, like sore throats. Try to prevent the bites from happening by destroying colonies if possible and avoiding them if not.

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