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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Search Engine Optimization Ranking Elements For Your Videos

By Reed Slidell

Creating YouTube videos for web video marketing can help promote your website. However, it can never help in bringing the much-needed traffic unless each of your videos comes with a high search engine optimization ranking.

As YouTube is now the second largest search engine worldwide, the results it holds can affect the standing of any website in any industry. Just like Google, it continues to be instrumental in drawing more and more online users who are looking for answers to their questions or solutions to their problems on a daily basis.

This is no longer a secret to entrepreneurs from different industries using promotional videos. That is why a great number of entrepreneurs now create business websites that hold videos. These videos are the carriers of their sales message. They are expected to give the sales rate the much-needed boost. As there are a lot of videos being launched everyday, the competition for the top position becomes tighter. To arrive at your desired search engine optimization ranking in YouTube, simple use of keyword would not suffice. Here five other measures you to be observed for that matter.

Include The Keyword In The Video File Name. Keywords are the terms by which your target audience is able to reach your videos online. It is best to name your digital clips after these keywords to ensure their visibility. Make it a point that you look for the appropriate keyword you will optimize your video with. This is still the foundation of getting found online. It is not actually the viewers who will take notice of this but YouTube itself. YouTube rates videos according to relevance and informs the online users about it.

Share Your Video Script. Video script is also known as video transcription. It is expected to be rich with the keywords used in optimizing the topic of your video. The good thing about including your video script in the description area is that YouTube and Google find enough content to index.

Utilize The Closed Caption Feature. This feature originally allows more people around the world to consume your videos filmed in native languages. This feature is now part of effective search engine optimization as YouTube also crawls on the caption provided. This goes to show that videos with captions are more likely to rank well in their respective niche.

Share High Definition Videos. When YouTube started standard videos were dominating every part of it. With the advancements in technology, high definition videos are gaining more presence. If you are using videos to market your business, making use of high definition videos would be ideal as they can speak much about the image you are trying to project. Don't worry about storage as they use up the same amount of memory used in holding standard videos.

Offer Engaging Videos. Another key to high search engine optimization ranking is producing engaging videos. When a lot of people watch your videos, their standings will go up as well. They will get shared easily and acquire more views than you expect.

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