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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Localizer Leads Tool

By Eddie Hilser

If you are involved in consulting with offline companies to assist them with their online advertising and marketing or you want to be, you'll need a flow of leads to help you succeed. Needless to say when you are able to find these leads you're also going to discover that this is going to have a direct correlation to exactly how much cash you are paid for your services. The research for this, if done manually, can be time consuming if you want to find companies in a specific market in your area and to establish their needs quickly. Needless to say there's a tool currently available that will help you with this research and we are going to be taking a look at this tool in the following paragraphs.

This tool was developed by Jeff Herschy and is used by him with his own business. The point that this is still being used should make you recognize the point that this is in fact an extremely useful piece of software which has a real world application to it. Utilizing this program is fairly easy as you simply need to enter a key word as well as a target area. At a glance, this provides you with a list of companies in a specific market and area with information including business name and address together with phone number, website and email, if these details are found. Contacting a business on the list that's created is quite simple as you can e-mail them directly from this program.

The software in addition has an option to search Google Places, that has now been replaced by Google Plus Local, and the tool allows you to see if a business has a poor reputation online. Due to this feature you're going to see that contacting businesses with a bad reputation can present you with a very powerful contact if you are trying to help them improve their reputation. By using another search button you are going to discover that you will have the ability to read what other men and women have written concerning this business and also learn where this business is in fact listed on the web. The ability to sort and export these details from The Localizer Leads Tool can save you loads of time.

The software's also going to provide you with the opportunity of finding out whether the owner has verified themselves on Google plus local. This can give you a good reason to see the local business and educate them on the modifications with the switch over to Google Plus Local. Simply because business folks are so busy, and the Internet is being updated continuously, quite a lot of these business owners do not have the time or the skills required to stay updated. Due to all this, there are plenty of openings right now for helping offline companies maintain a good reputation and presence on the net.

The Localizer Leads Tool will assist you to to find offline leads and ways that you could help them so that you are in a position to develop a good income stream from local organizations.
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