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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

North Carolina Collection Company Helps Auto Shop With Cash Problems

By Michael Osborne

In Hickory, North Carolina; my girlfriend's uncle owns an auto shop. He enjoys maintaining and testing them out on the open road. His customers are mostly tourists and the residents in town. He is a great guy who would work on someone's vehicle and wait until they pay him back. Though, this kind act proves to be a major problem for business. As a result he hired North Carolina collection company to get the money he was owed.

Here is why he called the North Carolina collection company, every time when a customer is unable to pay the full amount; he allows them to pay for partial and let them pay the full amount later on. When a customer comes with a problem which can be easily solvable without the mechanic, he wouldn't charge them anything. For a serious problem, he would give them an estimate before operating on the car and list their names and mailing information just in case.

When he was looking at the records in his books, he noticed the cash flow has dwindled. The account receivables had increased more than the revenues. As a result, he does not have enough funds to get new parts and equipment for his job. Now he is in jeopardy of closing up the shop. If a customer requires a replacement part for his vehicle, how will he be able to fix their cars?

After talking with them, he presented the company with a list of all the clients who neglected to pay him back. They explained that they will contact the debtor using friendly approaches. With the list of debtors, he was confident they are able to get the money back. In less than a month, he was able to get half of the money owed to him.

Her uncle was able to maintain business. He became a more careful with his clients; in order to avoid previous problems. He even posted up a sign stating that all charges must be paid in full. He does love cars and working them. Yet, if others use it to take advantage of him, he will be serious.
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