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Friday, October 5, 2012

Choosing The Perfect Website Address

By Russ Howe

Picking a domain name is a tricky decision. Getting the correct website address can allow you to hit the ground running when trying to build a business, or it can have you spending forever trying to get established because you picked a poor domain.

Today we show you the three steps of doing this. Whatever your niche, if you follow these steps you will get far more from your web address.

1) Your own name is always a good start. This is particularly useful if you are a personal trainer or any other type of business where people are going to be searching for you specifically. This is all about personal branding.

2) Keep it relevant. Don't put the word cat in your website if your content is about dogs. Get a relevant web address and you make it ten times easier for searchers to find you.

3) A dot com isn't the only way. If your dream url is already taken then have a look if there are other extensions available, for instance a dot org or a dot tv may also come in very useful.

You could be creating a site about literally anything at all and these rules will help you to make it more relevant to your niche. Whether it's about your hobby, your family, your pets, a business or an affiliate program, taking that first step is an important one.

Take your time before you make any decision which will impact your business forever. Your web address is a very important part of your business, don't forget that. Otherwise you'll be starting again in a few months from now and will wish you were more careful when getting started.

When it comes to affiliate programs there is another useful tip you can apply here. Incorporating the name of your program within your url is a good way to get recognized in the business as search engines will pick up your website each time a surfer types in the name of your affiliate program. Our Empower Network blog is a perfect example of this.

The steps above will help you get started. Once you hit the ground running with a good name, you will find it that much easier.
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