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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lead Generation Process Strategies

By Larry Franklee

The lead generation process can be easy, but the general public find the entire process is not just work intensive and time-consuming, it can be laden with Problems.

First, not all leads are made equal. What you need so as to effectively close your leads is a highly qualified lead - meaning the contact information of somebody who has somehow expressed an active interest in your product, service or opportunity. The challenge is some companies keep their lead generation and sales departments separate. So somebody else might have the job of generating leads and receive payment for volume. So they produce any kind of lead and pass them on to you. Some might be qualified, some may not be qualified.

Which is upsetting and maddening to say the least, and if part of your earnings depends on commission from sales, you're probably going to get indignant too. But do not get annoyed. Better is just to make your own big lead generation process and be done with it. Because if you are the one receiving these non qualified leads from whatever company lead generation process they have ready you are simply wasting irreplaceable time. Because you will make much more if you spend almost all of your time and energy presenting ONLY to qualified prospects.

By creating your own lead generation process, you simply won't have that problem. You'll still generate 1 or 2 bad quality leads but overall you'll find yourself making more money. Particularly if you are making an attempt to build a network marketing business or any business for that matter because you wish to find yourself in a position of creating too many leads. More prospects than you can handle. And from these large number the best of the best will rise to the top. Well, in prinicple anyhow.

Proven Lead Generation Process

Name or brand name recognition can help the lead generation process dramatically because folk like to conduct business with those they know, like and trust. So take care to include one or two trust elements into your system like featuring a well-known company name, guru or brand. If you are promoting a pretty new company, product or opportunity - speckle a few known company logos into your selling pieces like those offered by Mastercard or Visa. Add trust elements somehow.

Always have a specific target audience in mind before planning any prospecting, advertising or informative reports. Who, particularly, is the person you wish to attract. How old are they? What quantity of cash do they make? What is their average level of education? Write or design all your marketing pieces to match these demographics and you'll increase your results. For instance, if you offer mens work boots - writing to all men generally, including those that work in an office, does not make any sense. Write specifically for your target audience.

Use the world-wide reach of the web to draw in your market versus pitching to them. This means you would like to find out what your market is hunting for and then make it easy for them to find that information, product or service with you. And, yes, there's a science to creating a good online lead generation process.

But it can be one of the most powerful things you can do...
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