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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tips help you to creating an aesthetically pleasing web design

By Homer Thomson

When you are thinking about creating a new or updating your existing web site it is important to think through your web design thoroughly. When you are giving your web designer a brief you may tell them which competitor's sites you like, how you would like your logo to look the colours you think would fit well with your companies brand but all these things don't relate to the purpose of the website - generally to sell your product. A good web designer will be able to steer their clients onto the right path - producing an effective web site while still creating an aesthetically pleasing site. The following tips help you to keep your website on the straight and narrow.

1. The structure of your website is extremely important! The structure of your website will make navigating your website that much more easy to deal with, for website visitors. If your website is easy to navigate, the chances are great that website visitors will continue to shop on your website.

2. Even before you start designing your website, make sure that your website has a clear focus, in the minds of your site visitors.

3. Make sure that you're not posting too many advertisements on your website. If you post more ads than you post content, then this will be viewed as a turn-off for your site visitors.

4. Make sure you choose the right colour scheme and thinking about your readers emotions is a good indication of what scheme you should go for. If you are using more than one colour they should blend together nicely.

5. Ideally, your website visitors should be able to grasp the concept of your website right away. You can enable this to take place, with the use of easy to comprehend site copy. See to it that your copy has appropriate line breaks and paragraph breaks. This makes your copy easier to read for site visitors.

6. Make sure that your site is easy to use. Don't complicate things for your site users, with lots of steps.

7. Using 100 different fonts can be incredibly frustrating for a visitor to your site so be consistent with both your typeface and sizing.

8. Yes, people do judge based upon first impressions. Therefore, see to it that your website is creating the best first impression for your brand.
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