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Monday, December 31, 2012

Boost Your Blog's Page Views Successfully

By Cathern Mcmurphy

It is quite easy to achieve a high number of page views on your blog by simply taking the right approach. As all bloggers will tell you, it is more encouraging for them to have more read other posts in their blog; they actually love it when people spend more time on their blogs. So what does it really take to increase the page views of your blog? Are there any clear ways in which you can have the readers' undivided attention in what you have to say? Let's find out in the article below

Build an Interactive Blog: Creating an interactive blog is a great way to get repeat visitors and to start build a loyal following. A lot of people want to be a part of a blog they connect with so you should take advantage of this. Creating an engaging communication platform can be the all you need to do. There are plug-ins available that allow your readers to subscribe to the comments on your blog; this gives them a good reason to come back. Think outside the box to come up with new ways to increase your blog's interactivity, so your readers find it engaging,

Create Compilations Pages: If you focus on creating an environment where you can direct your readers to other useful posts, you'll help them to go through more of your posts. Try making a blog post of related post links so your readers can easily find the best of the related posts. You will increase your page views if you create a strong post that leads your readers to other areas of your blog. Of course, you do need to have a good number of posts before you can apply this strategy, but it's always nice to have it up your sleeves so that you can apply it at the right time.

The number one rule for maintaining a successful blog is to limit the amount of ads and improve the quality of your content. When your blog is crammed with ads, you will notice your page view plummet. Putting up ad units on your blog is not a bad idea. Quite naturally, you have to get some revenue. However, be certain that these ads do not mess up the buyer experience for your readers. Also, if you discover that you are getting conversions from your ad units, then limit the amount of in text ads that are on your blog because most readers do not prefer them. Placing in text ads on your blog can totally reduce the number of blog page views. Your main goal is to produce a blog that has a better user experience. This is so that you readers will stick around longer. Focus on improving the overall navigation of your blog so that your page views increase with time.

Finally, this article makes it clear that getting high page views for your blog is not that hard to muster, if you make a commitment to constantly work at it.
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