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Monday, December 31, 2012

Individuals Used To Build A List Using Adwords - But Can It Still Work

By Garrett Westerbeck

Years ago men and women had loads of luck using Adwords in order to build a list that they could send their offers to. If you are unfamiliar with Adwords, it is a simple way to pay google in order for them to send targeted traffic to your opt in page. This is a thing that was very affordable back in the day, simply because for about 5 per visitor people could start acquiring the targeted visitors they required to build their list. There are plenty of individuals right now who wonder if utilizing this technique is still a viable approach, and as you continue to read you are going to find your answer.

Quite a lot of you are most likely aware that loads of changes have taken place with google sense then, and I'm sure you are also aware that Adwords is something else that has changed with google. It is going to be rare these days that you will have the ability to get a visitor to your website for 5. Nowadays in relation to targeting words and phrases with Adwords, you have probably noticed that it can cost a few dollars in order to get one visitor. While investing a few dollars in is not rare, I should mention that there are still ways and some niches that you could still get for an affordable cost of 20 to 25 per visitor. This isn't only going to depend on the keywords and key word phrases you're targeting but in addition on the niche you are in.

You don't see any other traffic programs out there today which are able to provide you with such targeted visitors. You are able to word your ad so if you are looking to get signups for your newsletter, the people that click on the ad will understand that they're going to be signing up. You are also going to find that because this traffic is so incredibly targeted to your offer, just about everybody who clicks on your advertisement will end up joining your list. The best part is, the list you're building is going to be extremely targeted to your specific niche market. And as a result of this you are going to have a much better opportunity of making more cash each and every time you send this list an e-mail.

At this stage we would like to look at the figure's to determine whether it is a smart decision financially. Let's say you wish to create a list of 1000 men and women, and you end up paying 25 to google for every single visitor to your site. We are in addition going to assume that you will be getting 50% of these men and women to sign up to your list because they are targeted visitors. Following these numbers you're going to have to get 2000 visitors to go to your opt in page to be able to get at least 1000 of them to sign up. When you finally break everything down, 2000 visitors at 25 each, means to be able to get your list of 1000 people it is going to run you approximately $500.

Although this may seem like loads of cash to build a list that doesn't seem that large, you have to understand that these are extremely targeted individuals. Obviously with a list this targeted you ought to be able to recoup this expense by just sending out one advertisement to everyone on this list. So although this can still be an extremely good way to construct a targeted e-mail list in any niche, it is up to you on whether you would like to put forward the initial investment.
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