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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Advantages Of Using Website Templates

By Jemser Reik Bary

In the past, if you wanted your own website you had two options, hire a designer or create and build it yourself. Both options were (and still are) expensive and time consuming. With more recent technology, you can instead easily install a content management system (CMS) with all the technology and facilities built in. So how do you distinguish your website from your competitors? By giving it a unique look with a nice theme.

Website templates are really just pre-fabricated designs, built to stick onto a framework . The most basic ones require you to have a bit of web knowledge and are not as flexible or easy to handle. However themes designed for use with a CMS such as WordPress are quite easy to install and often have a simple set-up routine so you can be up and running rapidly .

Website designs are often fairly inexpensive. You can save a huge amount of time and energy as you can be up and running with your design in an hour or two. You however need to choose your website templates with care.

To get the best out of your design there are things you should be careful about. While you want to choose an attractive template, try to make sure that the design is not being used all over the web. As much as possible, you want to leave your visitors with the impression that your site is unique.

The majority of visitors come to your site because it's content meets their needs. While an unattractive website may lose you traffic, an attractive one cannot bring visitors. So, spend less time customising your web template and more on building great content for your site. Using a template is meant to save you time.

Be very careful in choosing your template. Before you spend any money, be double sure that the template will work for you. Being electronic media, you won't be able to get your money back - especially if it works the way the designer said it would. You need to be absolutely sure that it has been designed to work the way you want. If possible, look at support forums and FAQ's for the template or email the designer before you buy.

Choose a template to suit your audience and your industry. Even though in practice you can use almost any template, ideally, use ones intended for your niche such as photography website templates. Niche specific templates often include facilities that visitors expect, or which can enhance their experience of your site. For example an eCommerce template may include facilities to display multiple views of products.

Lastly, check before you buy that you are purchasing the correct website template for the content management system you have installed on your website host. If you buy an inappropriate template you won't be able to install it and you won't be able to get your money back either.

In summary:

You can rapidly and easily dress up your site with an attractive website template. However, you should endeavour to choose an ideal, compatible template if you want to be sure you actually save money. Ideally, spend as little time as possible on customising your site. Rather, you should focus your effort on adding lots of excellent information to your site.
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