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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ezine Advertising

By Stefan Seanger

There are many ways to get traffic and customers online, but ezine advertising has long been recognized as a reliable and reasonable way for marketers to find their target audience. It's a successful and a profitable way to get the most out of your advertising investment, or in other words, get a better bang for your buck. If you want to get the most out of your ezine advertising budget, however, you have to be careful about how you approach it; the following tips should prove useful.

Start By Doing Research: Don't just blindly start investing in ezine advertising; first, check out the ezine and publisher so you have an idea of whether it will be right for you. There are tons of ezines out there that you can choose from, but doing a little background check will give you a fair idea if it would be okay to advertise with them. First of all, subscribe to the ezine and go through their archives to see how much quality they offer through their content; poor content means you should avoid them. In order to find out how responsive their subscribers are, you should see if there are any testimonials available from anyone who's advertised with them in the past. It's also helpful if you can find out, preferably from someone other than the ezine publisher, how many people subscribe to it and how long it's been in existence. If you take these precautions, you're much less likely to get ripped off, as you'll know who you're dealing with up front.

Unfortunately, some businesses have no qualms about using less than genuine testimonials, so just remember that. Once you find them, they should have posted their website URLs which will allow you to follow up. There are a lot of factors involved in this kind of situation, and you should just keep that in mind. Those testimonials should be verified by you, we would recommend, and then just proceed with the rest of your assessment.

What you want to also do is Google the ezine advertiser to try and find out all they do since you may be able to better assess them. It is smart to look for every way that can give you a chance to discover more about how they operate, their traffic and conversions. If you go the route with classified, if they have them, then keep in mind this is another test you are conducting.

You should be comfortable with the need to learn and understand in IM if you have been involved with it for any length of time. Obviously not everything you do will be a home run, and that is just normal for advertising. So do your homework upfront, and then if you feel it is worth pursuing just get started. The best situation is to develop a long-standing good relationship with an ezine that delivers for you and the traffic converts.
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