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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Small Business Internet Marketing - Five Impressive Blogging Software Platforms

By Kasey Jones

Many small businesses are learning that if they're to stay competitive online, a blog is essential for internet marketing. However, there are many blogging platforms today, and it's hard to know which is best if you're new to blogging and not familiar with them. Top blogging platforms make it easy to present your content even if you have never blogged before. They are also great for internet marketing and search engine optimization. So, what are our top five picks?

WordPress - An open-source blogging platform that's free, WordPress has developed into one of the most popular CMS (content management systems) today. A user-friendly interface makes it easy for even amateurs to use, it's SEO friendly and highly customizable. WordPress is also easy to integrate with other systems for those who have an existing website but would like to add a blog to it. Adding content, editing and uploading images is a breeze with WordPress.

Blogger - Around nearly since blogging's inception. Google's Blogger platform is a great choice for new bloggers - and it's free. Highly secure and user-friendly, Blogger offers customizable templates that are attractive. Even for a novice blogger, it's simple to edit existing posts or add new ones. Easy-to-use tools help with template design; Blogger has also become more SEO friendly than in the past.

Tumblr - Another free blogging platform, Tumblr encourages interaction similar to that you find with social media, and is amazing for SEO because it offers tons of opportunity for social sharing. Known widely for its micro-blogging capabilities, Tumblr allows users to make small "mini" posts either in visual or text format. The amazing thing about Tumblr is that users can "share" your posts or blurbs, then others share those users' shares, literally creating a whirlwind of activity.

TypePad - Exceptional customer service, simplicity and security are a few features you will find with TypePad, a great choice for amateur bloggers. This highly functional blogging platform offers unmatched support when you have questions, step-by-step tutorials and intuitive software that makes simple work of getting your blog going in no time. TypePad offers different packages from basic to premium, each offering its own features. Unlike with some other blogging platforms, TypePad's customer service typically responds within 24 hours when you open a help ticket.

Movable Type - Another CMS (content management system) similar to WordPress, Movable Type offers free and paid versions, simple design customization and plug-ins that make enhancing your and your reader's experience easy. Another plus - making your blog mobile-friendly is easy which is essential considering almost everyone uses an iPhone, smartphone or other mobile device today. Movable Type lets you easily manage content and develop an interactive, engaged community. Built in RSS, plenty of tools to invite your readers to participate.

If you're a small business owner thinking about the possibility of a company blog, these are some of the best platforms available today. Blogging is a great way to engage with you current and prospective clients.
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