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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fish Frys Milwaukee

With the Lenten season now upon us, we offer this guide to some of the best Friday fish fry offerings throughout the metro Milwaukee area, and we welcome and encourage your input and suggestions for the benefit of all our readers here.

Those looking for a delicious Friday fish fry in the Milwaukee area will never be disappointed. The Milwaukee fish fry is a world-famous tradition, and not only during Lent - great fish is served up year-round throughout the Milwaukee area, particularly on Friday nights. A rich abundance of options exist. Whether you like your fish fry consisting of cod, haddock, blue grill, perch, or a combination platter; whether you love it smothered in tartar sauce or drenched in fresh lemon juice; there are many great Milwaukee fish fry restaurants to satisfy all tastes.

Following are a number of delicious Milwaukee fish frys that we've enjoyed over the years, from big sports bars to small neighborhood joints:

Club Paragon

Clifford's Supper Club

Matty's Bar & Grille

Painted Parrot

Finn McGuire's

Randy's Neighbors Inn

Marx Pioneer Inn

What has been your experience with fish frys around the Milwaukee area? How do you like your Milwaukee fish fry? Share your thoughts, suggestions, and recommendations on Milwaukee fish frys in the Comments section below.

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  1. You are right, the fish fry is a tradition bordering on religion around here and unique to WI. Virtually every bar, restaurant pub or tavern has some kind of fish fry but the hard thing was to tell who had what kind of fish, or all-you-can-eat (another MKE favorite) or even who had potato pancakes for the tradtionalists until The Friday Fish Fry was created. It helps you find a fish fry near you and has 1,000 listings over six counties. See reviews, menus, photos specials and more.