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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Milwaukee Brewers 2014 Season

The Milwaukee Brewers and its fans enter the 2014 MLB season with a lot of promise.

The Milwaukee Brewers and its fans enter the 2014 MLB season with a lot of promise in the National League Central division. The one major improvement will be made, not through free agency, but with the health of the Brewers’ star players such as Aramis Ramirez and Rickie Weeks.

These two players combined to play in a total of 196 games for the Brewers during the 2013 MLB season due to injuries both players dealt with throughout most of the season. This is where the Brewers will improve, as Weeks finished 2013 with only 10 home runs, his fewest since the 2009 season. He also had significant drops in his runs scored and runs batted in. Ramirez finished with his fewest home runs since 2009, as well, when he was with the Chicago Cubs and only played 82 games due to injuries.

The combination of these two guys being healthy, along with the returns of Ryan Braun and golden glove outfielder Carlos Gomez, and this Brewers team will look to compete in 2014. The other bright spot to watch for in 2014 is Khris Davis. Davis should join the outfield along with Gomez and Braun on a full-term basis after hitting eleven home runs and driving in 27 runs in only 56 games.

Then there is Yovani Gallardo, who struggled early in the season but finished strong with a 4-1 record between August and September. If Gallardo can get off to a hot start next season, this Brewers team will be one to watch come September.

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