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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Endorsement of Bob Donovan for Milwaukee Mayor

Aaron S. Robertson

For a safer, more prosperous Milwaukee and surrounding metro-area, it’s Donovan on April 5.

Bob Donovan has proven that he is ready to serve as Milwaukee’s next mayor, and he deserves that chance by voters this coming Tuesday, April 5.

The long-time south side alderman has the backing of Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, the Milwaukee Police Association, and the Milwaukee Professional Fire Fighters Association. Additionally, he has picked up the endorsement of long-time north side alderman Joe Davis, who was also running for mayor before being ousted in the primary back in February.

Mr. Donovan has taken issue with Milwaukee’s rising rates of homicide and other crimes, cause for serious alarm; has come out fighting against the proposed downtown streetcar project as a total waste of taxpayer dollars and other precious resources; has been a vocal proponent for strengthening economic growth and opportunity, education, and failing infrastructure; and has consistently reminded the current administration time and time again that there is a lot more to Milwaukee than just its downtown, highlighting the need to ensure that all of the neighborhoods that comprise the city are given due attention from City Hall.

There’s a lot at stake in this mayoral race, and from a big-picture perspective, the rewards – or consequences – extend far beyond the city limits, spilling into all communities – even other counties – that make up the broader metropolitan area. If the city wants more shoppers, diners, festival and concert goers, sports fans, business deals, events and event sponsors, etc. coming in from the suburbs, then it needs to do a better job of reigning in crime, strengthening infrastructure, and fostering a more robust business climate.

Bob Donovan is the candidate for the job. Elect him this Tuesday, April 5.

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