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Saturday, April 2, 2016

On Economy Alone, it's Trump on April 5

Aaron S. Robertson

For those that know me well, this endorsement is merely a formality, as I have been on the Trump bandwagon since last summer already. Please note that in my endorsement here of Mr. Trump, I’m only going to focus on the economy, a topic of particular interest to me. I’d be writing a book here if I went on to discuss other key points.

I sincerely feel that Mr. Trump is the candidate best capable of steering our economy in the right direction. He undoubtedly knows and understands, between his own talent and his ability to bring other great minds to the table, how to build tremendous wealth. He has become a great business success. And I know what the critics and skeptics are going to say here to that point. They remind us of all the ventures that Mr. Trump launched over the years that apparently either met with little success or simply went nowhere altogether. They cite his four bankruptcies. They say he inherited a lot of his wealth. They remind us that his clothing line is manufactured in other countries.

My counterarguments to all of this are plain and simple.

In regards to the failed ventures, that’s the risk that comes with the territory when one chooses to be an entrepreneur. So he tested the marketplace a number of times and discovered that the market wasn’t there for him at the moment. I say, “Big deal.” His stories of successes and failures are no different than any other entrepreneur out there. It happens. And if you’re not continuously trying and occasionally failing along the way, then you’re not on your way to building anything. And we know that Mr. Trump has managed to build something pretty special over the years he’s been in business.

The bankruptcies? Again, I have to say, “Big deal.” Corporate reorganizations are more common than we think they are; Mr. Trump isn’t the sole leader and decision maker in his companies; and all of his ventures are heavily dependent on consumer spending and discretionary income, which means they are largely tied to the health, or lack thereof, of the overall economy. This means that, should he be elected president, Mr. Trump has a genuine stake in building and maintaining economic vitality – his own businesses suffer if everyday working people and consumers lack the means to support them.

On the point of inheritance and other early sources of help from others, it doesn’t matter if we only rely on Mr. Trump’s own statement that he started out with a $1 million loan from his father and built his wealth up from there, or if we go with Marco Rubio’s claims that he inherited $100-200 million from his father’s estate – a $10 billion fortune is a far cry from $200 million, clearly showing that Mr. Trump must have been doing something right all these years on his own accord.
And if you’re not continuously trying and occasionally failing along the way, then you’re not on your way to building anything.
Finally, on the subject of his clothing line, Mr. Trump is merely going along with market forces when he has his clothing manufactured in other countries. I’m speaking in broader, more general terms here, but I’m willing to guess that many American workers do not have the desire to, nor the skill set necessary to, manufacture clothing. Hence the reason the vast majority of all of our clothing we purchase is made overseas. Having his line of clothing made elsewhere does not mean Mr. Trump is not interested in, or incapable of, creating jobs in the United States.

Again, I reiterate that a $100-200 million inheritance is a far cry from a $10 billion fortune, demonstrating that, between his own smarts and the immense talent he surrounds himself with and can bring to the table for the benefit of this country, Mr. Trump has what it takes to build a strong economy in which everyone can have a true opportunity to come out a winner. And people from all walks of life realize this. Mr. Trump has built a history-in-the-making coalition whose size and scope is unprecedented. People of all colors, creeds, socioeconomic backgrounds, ages, and political persuasions are flocking to his corner.

Just on a strong, robust economy alone, Mr. Trump has my support in the Wisconsin presidential primary this coming Tuesday, April 5, and I hope he can have my support once again come November as the nominee of the Republican Party.

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