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Monday, January 9, 2017


By Aaron S. Robertson

The only lives that matter are John Q. Lunchpail and Susie Q. Lunchpail, and they encompass every color, creed, sexual orientation, size, shape, accent, and racial and ethnic slur known to our country. John Q. Lunchpail and Susie Q. Lunchpail toil day in and day out to keep our country running. I'm striking it out on my own and creating a new hashtag, and I dare to boldly proclaim that #workinglivesmatter.


They're black cops and white NBA players. They're the stereotypical Jewish doctor and Irish laborer, and vice-versa! They're Muslim executives and Christian construction workers. They're straight and LGBTQ+. They're married with children, they're married without children, and they're childless bachelors and bachelorettes. They're single parents working hard and just trying to do right by their children, and they have jumbo-sized nuclear families. Perhaps they're retired now, or disabled, or just looking to keep busy, so they're working by volunteering - they're sharing their expertise, stories, talents, and good company with others. Perhaps they're still in their working prime and volunteering every moment that they're not at their paying jobs, simply because they love helping others and have a vision for this world. They're stay-at-home parents, working hard to ensure their children grow up right. They're working in comfortable offices and in loud and oily factories. They're helping those that genuinely can't help themselves.


Work, in all its forms, whether for monetary compensation or not, unites us all, lifts us up, cleanses our souls, and will continue to drive our country and our world forward. #workinglivesmatter .

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1 comment:

  1. At the risk of being crucified, skin color, working status, race, religion, and orientation do not determine the value of a life. When you are born, you are priceless. Only you can lessen that worth. For as long as someone Fred breath, their lives mean something.