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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Milwaukee Bucks 2015-2016

The upcoming Milwaukee Bucks 2015-2016 season and updates on the new arena for the Bucks

Upcoming Milwaukee Bucks games

November 1, 2015

Milwaukee Bucks Vs Toronto Raptors

November 2, 2015

Milwaukee Bucks Vs Brooklyn Nets

Nov 4, 2015

Milwaukee Bucks Vs Philadelphia 76ers

Nov 6, 2015

Milwaukee Bucks Vs New York Knicks

Nov 7, 2015

Milwaukee Bucks Vs Brooklyn Nets

Nov 10, 2015

Milwaukee Bucks Vs Boston Celtics

Nov 11, 2015

Milwaukee Bucks Vs Denver Nuggets

Nov 14, 2015

Milwaukee Bucks Vs Cleveland Cavaliers

Updates on the new Bucks arena

Bucks' New Arena Deal Passed by State Senate, State Assembly Approves

By a 21-10 vote, the state Senate passed funding for the new Bucks arena two weeks prior, according to Mark Schaaf of the Journal Times. Bucks president Peter Feigin released a statement regarding the development after the Senate's approval.

Bucks President Discusses Financial Details of New Stadium, Threatens Relocation

The Milwaukee Bucks franchise was potentially up for relocation to a new city if the plans for a new arena fell through. However, the team and the state of Wisconsin have agreed upon a proposal for funding of a new arena in the city of Milwaukee.

Bucks president Peter Feigin stated the public needs to pay $250 million sooner rather than later or risk losing the team to either Seattle or Las Vegas, per Mark Kass of the Milwaukee Business Journal:

Feigin provided his thoughts on the tricky situation at a hearing with the Wisconsin legislature's Joint Finance Committee. Current Bucks owners Wes Edens, Marc Lasry and Jamie Dinan have combined with former owner Herb Kohl to pledge $250 million for the new arena and are seeking a match from the public. Of those funds, $93 million would come from the Wisconsin Center District in the form of new debt on Milwaukee citizens. The district wouldn't commence repaying the bonds until 13 years thereafter.

According to Feigin, the NBA only needs a $25 million profit to buy the Bucks and move them to one of the two aforementioned cities. Las Vegas is an untapped market, while Seattle has been starving for basketball since the SuperSonics became the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Bucks have a promising young nucleus emerging under second-year coach Jason Kidd. They made a surprise playoff appearance this past season and have the Milwaukee area excited about the future.

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